Gramercy Starck Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Gramercy Starck 340 East 23rd Street Rentals Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who is the management company? AKAM Associates.
  2. How quick can I move in the Gramercy Starck Rentals? Gramercy Starck Condo at 340 East 23rd Street has an application process.  This condo rental application process can take at the very minimum two weeks up to 30 days depending on how quickly the application is submitted with all of the necessary documentation and board approval.  So if you call us today looking to move in tomorrow or a few days from now, we won’t be able to accommodate.Image
  3. How much is the security deposit and is it first and last months rent upfront? There is no one answer to this question as each owner will have a different requirement based on their preferences and your  but usually expect at least the first months rent upfront and at least 1 months security.
  4. Is Gramercy Starck Rentals pet friendly? As of now, Gramercy Starck is pet friendly, but the individual owner of the condominium may not be, so it depends, call us to find out if the type of apartment you are interested in is pet friendly or not?
  5. What about the broker fee? Again, there is no umbrella answer to this question because you will be renting directly from an owner, this is not a big management company, so there will more than likely be some type of broker’s fee involved, whether you or the owner is paying it.  The structure of the broker’s fee will be dependent on each apartment, this is something that we will be able to tell you once we know we know what you are looking for.

If you have any additional question that is not answer here, email us at or Call us directly at (917)837-8869.


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