Gramercy Starck Rentals : September 2010

Gramercy Starck Rentals

The summer saw a lot of rental activity in the building.  Mainly studios and 1 bedroom apartments came on the market.  Studios ranged from low end $2200/month up to $2800/month.  1 Bedrooms ranged from $3250/month to $4000/month.

Typically what I see is that the southern facing 1 bedrooms with balcony that are higher than 7th floor, thus clearing the neighboring building, rent for the highest amounts.  North facing units are typically larger than southern facing units, except for the F-Line, on the higher floors will also command a higher price.

The two bedroom and three bedroom market in the building has been very limited as of late.  Currently only the 3 bedroom penthouse is on the market asking $13,000/month.

There were very little incentives or concessions made from owners, as broker fee’s are often paid by the renter.

To contact usabout any of these Gramercy Starck apartments and receive a reply in the next few minutes, reach me on my blackberry at morgan.evans(@) elliman.comor call me at     917 837 8869

Gramercy Starck Rentals

Commonly Asked Questions:

Are short term rentals available?

The building requires 1 year minimum leases, so a short term rental is not possible within the building by-laws.

Are pets allowed?

The building allows pets, but each individual owner might not.

Is there a broker fee?

This is a very commonly asked question, this is a condominium building and you will be renting from an owner not a management company.  So typically if the apartment is listed through a brokerage company there will be a broker fee involved, this fee varies but can be anywhere from 1 month broker to 15% of the first years annual rent.  Each apartment will be different.

How do you get a hold of us to talk about your future apartment at Gramercy Starck?

****You can email us directly at Morgan.Evans (@) or call us at (917) 837- 8869.****

To read more about Gramercy Starck:

For a complete list of the current apartments for sale or rent at Gramercy Starck or for condominium apartments for sale or rent in Downtown Manhattan call Morgan Evans or Eileen Hsu at (212)321-7122 or (917)837-8869 for further details.

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